Boarding kennel FAQs

  • What is Kennel Cough?

    Kennel or Canine Cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) is the common cold for dogs. It is a contagious upper respiratory disease that is an airborne virus, and symptoms can include a gagging cough, sneezing, and nasal discharge. These symptoms can last from a few days to a few weeks. While canine cough is hard for owners to live with and annoying for your dog, it is not a serious disease, though it can lower a dog’s immune system, making it more susceptible to other infections.

    Kennel Cough does not originate from kennels but can be brought to the kennel by an infected dog. As the virus is airborne a dog could catch it in their own backyard or from walking in the park, and so no amount of supervision or sanitation can prevent a dog from catching the virus.

    Shady Acres holds itself up to a very high standard of hygiene, and strives every day to ensure each and every dog is at their healthiest. This is done by the strict adherence of the twice daily cleaning and hosing of kennels, as well as the ventilation system to minimise airborne contamination. Dogs are also inspected for illness each day, so any signs of sickness will be quickly attended to by the professionals on staff or by the vet you have specified. All dogs must also be immunised to Canine Cough before staying at Shady Acres.

  • What will my pet be fed and is this included in the price?

    Pets at Shady Acres are fed premium quality Purina Supercoat, as well as fresh chicken mince and chicken roll or beef liver roll, which is all included in the boarding fees. We only feed our guests the best quality, freshest food available to maintain health and high spirits. Purina Supercoat is a leading dog and cat food brand that prides itself on using premium natural ingredients, free from artificial colours and flavours, and is made right here in Australia.

  • What is the daily routine for dogs?

    1. Special medication is given to dogs that require it.
    2. Kennels are cleaned and hosed out, while dogs enjoy play time
    3. Dogs are fed, followed by nap time
    4. Kennels are cleaned and hosed out once more, while dogs enjoy play time
    5. Dogs are brought back inside a clean and comfortable kennel to settle down for the night

  • Can we bring our own bedding, toys or food?

    You are welcome to bring along toys but at your own risk, as other dogs may damage or destroy them. Bedding can be brought in for winter but not for summer – all kennels are fitted with soft bedding and warm blankets for winter.

    If your dog requires special food prescribed by a vet you can certainly bring it along, as long as it is clearly labelled with your pet’s name and instructions.

  • Do the dogs and cats always stay inside the kennels?

    Dogs are exercised and socialised during play time twice daily. Cats stay inside their spacious and air conditioned units.

  • How hot do the kennels get?

    Kennels and cat units are properly ventilated to ensure the most comfortable temperature for your pet. Cat units are also air conditioned.

  • How often are the kennels cleaned?

    Kennels are hosed out and cleaned twice daily with disinfectant.

  • Are the kennels shared?

    Yes, depending on breed, size, temperament.

  • What if my dog or cat gets sick or needs veterinary care?

    If it is an emergency, we will contact your preferred vet first. If they are unavailable we will contact a specific vet based on the issue at hand. We are a part of a large network of Brisbane vet specialists to give the most appropriate care possible. We will also always contact you immediately in the event anything happens to your pet.

  • When can I drop off and pick up my dog or cat?

    We are open for drop offs and pick-ups from 8am to 11am, and 4pm to 5pm. This is to ensure pets are not continually disrupted by the comings and goings of other pets. We also provide a Pet Taxi for a large number of suburbs to make it even more convenient for you.

  • Do you take aggressive breeds?

    Not normally, but it can depend on size, time of year and other circumstances. Please Contact Us to find out more.

  • Do you take elderly/lame/sick dogs?

    Depending on the level of care and other circumstances, we may or may not. However we are always happy to follow vet instructions for food and/or medication. Please Contact Us to find out more.

  • Does my dog or cat need to be vaccinated?

    Yes. Cats’ minimum entry requirement is F3, 14 days prior to entry to Shady Acres if it is not an updating annual shot. We require your cat’s vaccination certificate on arrival and every 12 months as it is updated.

    Dogs’ minimum requirement is C5, including Canine Cough immunisation, 14 days prior to entry if it is not an annual shot. We require your dog’s vaccination certificate on arrival and every 12 months as it is updated.

    If you are unsure about your vaccinations, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, or see your vet for advice.

  • Will my dogs be clean when I pick them up?

    All dogs are given a complimentary professional shampoo and hydro-bath before they leave, so they return to you as clean and healthy as they left!

  • Can you pick my pet up?

    Yes, please see the Pet Taxi page for more information.